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About Me

I’m a born and bred Londoner who has been lucky enough to have spent the last 21 years in my dream job, working full time, for the world renowned British Broadcasting Corporations (BBC), as a News Broadcast Journalist with a talent for spotting and creatively telling original stories, across Radio, TV and Online. This included , building social media strategies and digital reportage. I pride myself on being able to produce long-form documentaries as well as short-form news pieces, alone or as part of a team.

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Over the two decades my roles have included: Presenter, Reporter, Producer, Studio Producer, Video Journalist, News Bulletin Reader and latterly as Digital Reporter/Multimedia Journalist. I simultaneously provided audio, video and script for BBC outlets including Radio, TV, the website and social media platforms. In addition to mainstream news stories I also specialised in assisting the BBC to diversify its output by locating stories for and about Black and minority ethnic communities.

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Multi Media Journalist, Lecturer, Media Trainer, Diversity in Media Consultant

In the midst of the pandemic, I decided to go Freelance. My Radio/Podcast, TV Online Producer/Reporter skills are in demand. Many organisations are now recognising a need to include some form of audio in their communications. So now, not only am I working with broadcasters including the BBC, but my Clients have also included the likes of RIBA (Royal Institute of Architects) and a range of Podcasters.

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I am also an Associate Lecturer at Goldsmith College, University of London on the BA & Masters, Radio/Podcast Journalism Degrees.

Informal Journalism skills are also being requested and I now also offer Media Training to individuals and small business owners.

Diversity in Communications: Increasingly individuals and organisation are falling foul of basic inclusion practices, and end up trying to defend themselves on Twitter. I teach the essential basics.  


Once an avid Afro hair blogger, I am also the author of a Natural Hair Book,  which took me China for my research.  

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