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Featured Work

Whilst at the BBC, not only was I a general news journalist, I was also employed to bring 'black' issues to the mainstream audience.

BBC World Service: Michelle Obama: Black Like Me

What struck me when I first saw the Obamas was  Michelle -  she was a darker-skinned woman married to a lighter-skinned man. In the world of fame and fortune, the trend is usually that black men pair with women who are lighter skinned. The roots of these preferences painful and long standing. In this (the 1st ever) radio documentary for the BBC World Service, I went to the USA to explore colourism and to find out if Michelle Obama’s powerful presence changed anything.

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Michelle Obama_ 'Black Like Me'
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Alexa Play BBC News

Say "Play BBC News" to your smart speaker, and get the BBC's first ever interactive news bulletin. In tthis clip you can hear what would have been the latest news stories compiled, read and edited by me in approximately 15 different intensive stages with various templates.

Alexa Play BBC News.png
Play BBC News 9 Nov 21
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BBC World Service - The Why Factor: Yoga 

Yoga is an ancient practice that includes meditation, exercise and spirituality.Why do millions of us do it every day and how has it become so popular over time? There is controversy about different types of yoga and whether they ring true to the original purpose of the practice.  I speak to practitioners including the director of a 98-year-old yoga institute in India and an instructor who teaches yoga for you and your dog.

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BBC Radio 4: Grenfell Tower Fire: Local News, What Are We Missing? 

As a reporter who covered the Grenfell Fire in London in 2017, I went on to explore what now constitutes "local news", whose job it is to report it and asks why some stories just get missed completely. Is a thriving local media a luxury from a bygone era, a vital pillar of democracy, or both? I talk to the Grenfell blogger - I find that there’s a plethora of media that all cover west London. So why were the dangerous living conditions of tower block residents not regarded as newsworthy?

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R4 LOCAL NEWS documentary
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BBC Global News Podcast 

My reports on the Global News Podcast reach the widest BBC audience. The podcast, which features the days top news stories (and goes out twice a day), reaches a weekly audience of around 364 million people around the world. The Podcast is the BBC’s most popular.

Screenshot 2022-06-04 at 23_edited_edited.jpg
BBC Global News Podcast 27May22 Ukraine
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BBC World Service: The Newsroom

The Newsroom is a live world news programme on BBC World Service which goes to air 5 times per day. This report is about a woman from Nepal who breaks a record climbing Mount Everest.  

The Newsroom.jpeg
BBC Newsroom 12th May 22 - Mt Everest
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BBC London: Digital Reporter - Video 1.4million views

As a Digital News Reporter I filed stories for radio, by way of a live interview on the daily news programme. Using my iPhone I was also expected to shoot and edit a short video (whilst standing in the street) and post it on to BBC's Radio London's social media accounts, before my radio report. This particular video went viral. Within 2 days it had over 1.4 million views, 24k Shares and 3k Comments. (View with caution due to nature of the story).

BBC London, Digital Reporter - !st Windrush Scandal coverage on BBC

I was the first reporter at the BBC to report on what has become known as the Windrush Scandal. I was covering the story for radio but filmed a video on my iPhone for social media. My case study Anthony Bryan's story went on to become the subject of a BAFTA winning documentary. Anthony who came legally came to the UK from Jamaica when he was 8 years old, yet 50 years he was mistakenly detained and almost deported.

BBC Radio London News Bulletin

I wrote and read the radio news bulletin on BBC Radio London for 8 years. The 5 minute bulletins included coverage of  politics, education, science, crime, sport and health. This was a role in which I had full editorial control. I had sole responsibility for the stations news coverage. This is just a tiny snippet of a story about the Queen.

BBC Radio London Reporter

As a BBC Radio London reporter for 20 years I covered many kinds of stories in a various different ways, from making news packages, to live studio reports and outside broadcasts as seen here.

BBC London: Digital Reporter - Meghan & Harry attend Stephen Lawrence Day

This was the day that the then Prime Minister Theresa May, (in the presence of guests including Harry and Meghan and Baroness Lawrence), announced that there was to be a Stephen Lawrence Day. I was covering the event for radio and as usual using my iPhone I would film and edit whilst standing in the street a video to post before my live radio interview.  

BBC TV News - Notting Hill Carnival

Having covered the Notting Hill carnival for over 20 years, I was often called upon to do a report for TV, Radio and Online. On many outlets the coverage concentrated on the policing and other negative aspects. I made it my objective to concentrate on the art and joy that is the 2nd biggest 'festival' of its kind in the world.

BBC TV News, Migrant Camp

Most people are familiar with the migrant camps in France, but I came across a little illegal makeshift campsite in a residential part of North London. I reported on this story for TV (also radio and social media). 

BBC TV News, Black Lives Matter protest.

The Black Lives Matter movement was born in the UK several years after the USA.  Here in 2016 I cover one of the first such marches, for TV.

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