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Natural Afro Hair Author/Speaker

On TV, Radio, Online & LIve

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My Natural Hair Book

I went #NaturalHair, without doing the #BigChop. My book charts what I learned on route, and dispels many of the myths that surrounds Afro type hair. The book is available in Paperback and as an ebook on Amazon. 

BBC World TV


As a Natural Hair 'expert', I was asked to report on a hair controversy, re Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong'o

BBC Africa

Radio & Online

As part of a hair series that I produced, I did a Quick Guide to Afro Hair.

BBC London TV


This is a report about a Natural Hair campaigner, that also went out to the diaspora via BBC Africa TV.

Book Promotion

Interview on Live TV

Live interview in Knightsbridge, London about my book. But first I had to explain the politics behind afro air.

Guangzhou, China

Book Research

The vast majority of hair used for wigs, weaves and braids, around the world, is manufactured in China. I managed to arrange a tour of one of the factories.



Afro Hair Events

The recent popularity of #NaturalHair created a new and exciting world 'afro' hair wearers, entrepreneurs and shows. 

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